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المسيح فى الإسلام written and founded  by Hans Atrott in 1999 is recommended by many  Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Jewish etc.  web pages for information on Christianity.  Competing web pages debunking  Christianity mostly are made by atheists being unable to leave their genre. also is largely independant from search engines. It even does not depend on the recommendation of the "New York Times". More than 70 per cent of the several hundreds of daily visitors come by other recommandations (of other links, emails etc.). This web also is read much in Arabic countries and in Asia.



Jesus' Bluff from Casey Morin on Vimeo.

"Hans Atrott (aka: Hans Henning Atrott)

Author of this web and of the books "

Jesus' Bluff - The Universal Scandal of the World"  and "

Cross  and  Crime - 'Jesus Came to Crucify the World (The Gospel of Philip)."


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Christianity" is the invention of a felon from the death row how to become addressed and worshiped as "god" by providing tricks to the ilk of his own how to play "god" to one's respective milieu. This fake of a "religion" is existing because the bigwigs of this abomination want to play "god" themselves. As "authorization" for playing "god," those impostors (the Christian priests or beasts) lie their Ben-Pandera (dubbed: "Jesus Christ") as a "god" in order to pretend being legitimized by "god" to play "god" themselves. Insofar, the "Christians'" perpetration of lifting an accomplice as one's dummy of "god" is no trifle, at all. By the way, this also is the main controversy between this fake of a religion, on the one hand, and Islam as Judaism, on the one other. "Christianity" is no religion but the attempt of the perfect crime by the pretension of a "religion" that shall make the felons, desperadoes and Mafiosi invincible. It is the attempt of producing the "homo invictus" (the invincible human") like the "Christians'" Augustine verbatim couched it.  Christianity" is no religion but an organized crime by which its preachers plot tricking, shifting and grifting that by a foul mouth and foul play what nature refuses to them.

This is what Jesus says,
Vandalism perfidiously  canted as "love"  pays!
This is Jesus' dastardly terror and crime,
His depravity, hypocrisy, lie, spoofs n' spite!



Those who read Atrott that ones already read the next centuries!


Books (also available as e-books) of the author published on Vandalism of "Christianity" in  US-English that  are translated in other languages (Spanish,  French, Italian) etc.

  The latest book of Hans Atrott published in October 2015: Cross and Crime - "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip) click here
Cruz y el Crimen - Spanish version of "Cross and Crime"
 clic aqu

2009: "Jesus' Bluff" -  in US-English - Click on the picture
2015:  Versin en espaol of Jesus' Bluff "La Farsa de Jesus" clic aqu

Jesus' Bluff from Casey Morin on Vimeo.

Ecce homo scelestus!

"All (kings, prophets, scientists and willing individuals etc.) who came before me (Jesus "Christ") are thieves and bandits..." (Joh 10:8) - Jesus, i.e. homo scelestus (homo = man, scelestus = criminal, felonious), "commitment"to the Bible (thieves' cant: "Old Testament") or: Balaam's "dedication" to the Bible...!


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Reproduction only for private use and/or purposes of studying, researching and archiving by research and library institutes - otherwise without permission strictly prohibited. The logos (crucifix with the inscription "He who hanged is accursed of God" or "...for Jesus came to crucify the world") may be used without restriction.

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