June 28, 2013:

First Christian Bishop-Mafioso arrested by Italian Police while attempting to transfer 26.000.000€ Cash in a hired Plane from Switzerland to Italy



Author of the book “Jesus’ Bluff – The Universal Scandal of the World”


1.      “Do not the resist the evil” (Mt 5:39) – the Christian Mafioso did not and the Mafia never did

2.      The Peak of Christian Money Frauds in the last Decades

3.      The Western Phonies “heroically” against Off-Shore Accounts and Switzerland  while protecting the Vatican Mafia

4.      Christian Organizations are not non-Profit ones

5.      What the Arrest clues about the Change in the Papacy



1.      “Do not the resist the evil” (Mt 5:39) – the Christian Mafioso did not and the Mafia never did


He took the Christian “gospel” very seriously: “…do not resist the evil” (Mt 5:39, Young’s Literal Translation) but cant and deny it, if necessary, even for two millennia! He attempted to transport 26 millions of Euros from Switzerland to Italy in cash by hired plane and hereby became arrested.  The hiring of the plane he bribed by 500.000€. This time, the Italian authorities did not join the crime!  Indeed, he could not resist like his Mafia cannot do so! Finally, the criminal and terrorist record the pope first time admitted on March 12, 2000[i] is due to this commandment. Everything else is Christianly lying at any price (Nietzsche). On June 28, 2013, a Catholic bishop-Mafioso from Salerno (South Italy) also charged as a senior accountant in the Vatican's financial administration in a suburb of Rome became arrested with two accomplices as part of an investigation into the Vatican bank by Italian authorities. Some months ago, the Italian banks stopped all cash dispensers in the Vatican area on account of the Vatican’s criminal money laundry.  Since June 28, 2013 the Christian bishop-Mafioso has been residing in the Roman jailhouse “Queen of Heaven."

One of the accomplices was an Italian secret agent clueing that the state of Italy was accomplice of such crimes of the Christian Mafia, in former times. The state of Italy did not to do what it did for centuries: to apply double standards, one to the citizens of Italy and one to the Christian Mafia. This is mostly the case in Christianized countries. Italy’s fight against the Mafia now has reached the archetype of the Mafia, the Vatican. The fact that the pope two days before the arrest again could come up with the Christians’ old scam: within the next five  minutes, the true gospel is going to come – is evidence that to a certain degree, the Italian state still is an accomplice of the Vatican Mafia.


2.      The Peak of Christian Money Frauds in the last Decades

Twenty years ago, this would have been  an incredible occurrence! At that time, Christian Mafiosa “Mother Theresa and the Californian Mafioso Charles Keating deprived many US-Americans of their pensions by embezzlements of pension funds.  However, this fraud of money is not the worst crime, neither of this Mother Murderess nor of the Christian Mafia[ii]. The filched money went into prestigious constructions in Kenya (Africa) and not to the poor and sick of India, as perfidiously lied by the Mafiosi. She did not receive “peace” in the jailhouse “Queen of Heaven” but got the Nobel Price for Peace…  In contrast with Germany, in Italy the Christian party (“Democrazia Christiana”) dominating the country and protecting those crimes for decades, in the meantime has become an irrelevant sect of some Mavericks.  


3.      The Western Phonies “heroically” against Off-Shore Accounts and Switzerland while protecting the Vatican Mafia

Shall now all the people wanting to dodge taxes go to the Vatican? A new source of income for the top organized crime of the whole planet![iii]  Much fuss in Western media on  Off-Shore and Swiss bank accounts but resolute concealment about the money laundry in the Vatican. Already in the 1990ties, the Vatican ranked before the Cayman Island and Luxemburg concerning money laundry.    Each clergy has the right to keep a bank account in the Vatican and so to evade the tax regulations of his country.


4.      Christian Organizations are  not non-Profit ones

Associations that can hide money are no non-profit organizations. If they, nevertheless, are, it is about (Christian) state criminality or (Christian) state terrorism.   It is to assume that by the black money of the Vatican Mafia, many journalists become corrupted to play as influence agents for the Christians in the media. Already, in the 1980ties, I got secret information that the Vatican pays German journalists to goad the German authorities into committing crimes one me, in favor of Christian Mafia. In particular, the authorities in Asia (India, China, Korea, etc.) should investigate by what money Christian media are financed.   Christian politicians in Europe and the whole American continent enable and protect the Christians’ Mafia black money and its money laundry. In addition, the destruction of existing cultures – what the Christians now are perpetrating in Asia – has nothing to do with human rights and non-profit but the respective contrary.


5.      What the Arrest clues about the Change in the Papacy

The reasons for the German pope’s resignation more and more become apparent. The doctrinarian was not smart enough as to cognize what a Mafia he was preaching and heading. The new pope – a descendant of the Christian murderers on the Native American cultures – apparently became elected because he can play at best the “innocent goof” allegedly knowing nothing and perpetrating nothing and lying the advocate of the poor…


Hans Atrott




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