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1.)   Western Media ridicule themselves

2.)   Bestially Christianizing of America - the Model for the Scheduled  One of Asia?


1.   Western Media ridicule themselves


When the German pope resigned, the details of his election in the year 2005 became leaked. According to those reports, in 2005, the now elected pope already was placed in the second. It does not take a genius in order to infer that the one that was in second seven or eight years ago, could turn out as the first one, today. However, the Western media introduced a lot of males in a parrot's clothing as the possible new pope but not the one that already was known as a top rival to the just resigned one.  This is an impressive example how Western media pertaining to Christianity contrive things that do not exist and keep resolutely silent about matters they should report, for example, why they apply double standards to Christianity and its rivals regarding crimes…  E. g., why they support Christianity despite its now admitted criminal record according to which the sect of perfidies murdered about three hundred million humans. Why not a second chance for the Nazis, if the about 300.000.000th new one for the Christians…?  The reports the Western media are used to grafting upon the public give the impression that they - as Christianly robotized automatons - are convinced that the new pope is the greatest genius humankind ever had  already because he wished his audience a "good night"...


2.   Bestially Christianizing of America - the Model for the Scheduled One of Asia?

Christianity is not to top concerning crimes and terror. It even is not to outdo regarding lying. Whom one can convict of lies maintained for millennia like the Christians’ ones about their crimes and terror? The peaks of Christian terrorism are the European Middle Ages, the crusades and the Christianizing of the American continent. The Native Americans being devoted to religions of their own people mostly became extinguished by bestial mass-murder, and the population replaced European Christian invaders… The new pope – already praised much for his sheep’s clothing - is a descendant of them.  


“The (Christian) Spaniards (while forcing “Christian” sect upon the Native Americans)   found pleasure in inventing all kinds of odd cruelties... They built a long gibbet, long enough for the toes to touch the ground to prevent strangling, and hanged thirteen [natives] at a time in honor of Christ Our Saviour and the twelve Apostles... then, straw was wrapped around their torn bodies and they were burned alive.” [i]


This is the “glory” of Christ, who prevailed on account of his unscrupulous, ruthless and total terrorism! Why not a second chance for Emperor Nero if so many new ones for the Christians?  Why should not the Christians imitate the successful bestialities by which they Christianized America in Asia? Demonstrably a Christianly conditioned public accepts each enormity and atrocity of the Christians, unless it even praises such bestialities as “love” and “charities”. Now, the most Catholics live in America and one day the terrorists hope that the most ones will live in Asia, if the Christians successfully violate Asia, too. If the new pope should keep relicts of decency, he first should return all the estates the Christian “thieves and bandits” (Joh 8:10) pilfered from the Native American religions, e. g. Mayas or Incas.  The Christian perpetrators and impostors morally cannot hold a candle to those Native American religions like they, for instance, cannot do so pertaining to the Asian ones, e.g., d Buddhism and Hinduism, etc.  The model for all Americans to emulate stays Cuban chieftain Hatuey, whom the shamming “warm brothers and sisters of charities and love," e.g. Christians, execrably murdered in the beginning of the 16th century. The offer to become a Christian he rejected by arguing: Where there are Christians, there are spite, terror and hell, even if they call it heaven… Everybody has the right to defend himself against terror and terrorism, even if they appear in the Trojan Horses of the very reverse...


Hans Atrott



Hans Atrott





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[i] D. Stannard, American Holocaust, Oxford University Press 1992, p. 72, quoted from the web page:  CHRISTIAN TERROR: EVENTS THAT TESTIFY TO GOD'S DIVINE GLORY, on:, last call: 05/17/2011